The quilting that never ends!


This is a half square triangle quilt I am making for my daughter Miranda to take to college.  It is 68 in by 90 in.  I feel like I have been quilting it for ever.  The above is a picture of the pinning process on my front hall floor.


I used mostly modern fabrics with images that are significant to Miranda.  Math, Nutcrackers, pandas, science, Halloween costumes, foxes,etc.  It is heavy – that was her one request.  It was a bit of a copy from a quilt I made a few years ago .  Miranda’s does not have as much contrast so the pattern is less defined but I sacrificed the pattern for the images I wanted to include.


Here is the quilt on my machine.  I have used almost an entire spool of the Aurefil fine thread.  My arms are worn out.  Hopefully it will be completed the next time I post!


One last photo.  My daughter Charlotte painted this darling tomato.  It is only 4in by 4 in.  I love it.  I asked her to paint a strawberry for me next.



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