Modern Menagerie

Wow Finally done my 2014 Modern Moda Quilt – I am not a huge fan of solids so I did it my way.  Love all the animals – most are Tula but there are others as well.  Jamie Loncaric and Carolyn Davis did the quilting.  I am thrilled with the results.

SNOW DAY 03/07

I decided to spend my free day making a project from start to finish – retro mama on Etsy has great patterns so I downloaded a PDF and got to work.  IMG_2556

It was fun to make but it is very small.  The other big bummer was I did not read the directions all the way through and I had to hand sew the zipper in.  “I love hand sewing zippers” said no one ever!!!! The best part was embellishing it with buttons and tape.  I used what I had in my sewing room.  It is super cute – I think I will use it for a little first aid kit in my brief case.  Happy Quilting!

inside lining
front of pouch
back of pouch

January 2018 – a nice day to make mug rugs!  

Don’t you love mug rugs. When you have little time they are so rewarding. 
I am working on 4 today to give as little get well gifts. They are easy to mail!  

I love the linen border. I used a bunch of my pink and red scraps!  

I quilted first and then added the back.  

Now I just need to bind them and mail them out. I love thinking about them like I am sending a smile in the mail for someone who needs it;)

Happy quilting!


I commit to Blog at Least Once a Week

I am turning over a new leaf and committing to providing at least one entry every week.  So here goes.


So I decided to make another Lola pouch for my girlfriend for her Birthday so one of you reading this may be receiving it next week.  Hint – She is a cat lover.  Don’t you just love the fabric with the cat food cans on it.  – It is from Tula Pink – I absolutely adore her.

I made the outside of the bag with Kaffe Fasset Fabric and used the cat food cans as the lining.  I also added my tag.  I would love to purchase some customized tape that I could use for tags but it is pretty expensive and printing tags out from power point, while not as cool, works well enough.


Here is the finished Pouch – I lined it in vinyl and I added a cute ribbon detail


I am going to next make one for myself but change it up – I am going to use the fabrics on the left to make a Dresden plate like the one on the pin cushion on the right.  I will then make the bag in a different shape – probably square.


May 5 and 6th is the Penn Oaks Quilt show – so my next post will cover what I am working on in preparation.  However – Here are the details.  I am cooking all the food for the Dresden Plate Cafe with some help from my Mom and Dad (Kathy and Bob DeCarli) and my friends (Fayann Grider and Maureen Carlson).  It is going to be delicious – We are known for our cakes and chicken salad.


You’re Invited to the Penn Oaks Quilt Show.  Daily Admission is $8.  The details are listed below.  
Penn Oaks Quilters
For the Love of Quilting IX
Friday May 5, 2017     10am – 6pm
Saturday May 6, 2017    9am – 4pm
Judged Show – 100+ Quilts on Display
Elegant Lunch available provided by Dresden Plate Cafe
Merchant Mall
Handicapped Accessible
Griffith Hall – Ludwig’s Corner Fire House
1325 Pottstown Pike (rte. 100)
Glenmoore PA

Isn’t She Adorable?

I started this little Matryoshka Doll A week ago.  She is so cute and fun to make.  I downloaded the pattern from Etsy.

Here is the link to the pattern.

Mod for Matryoshka PDF Sewing Pattern Babushka Russian Dolls Instant Download

Retromama Pattern


The pattern was easy and had a few cute tips.  For one, I stuffed the foot of an old pair of panty hose with those plastic pellets to add weight to the bottom.  I also changed the pattern a little bit and did not use corduroy for the bottom – I used traditional cotton quilting fabric with some stabilizer.


My next quilt project is a tumbling blocks quilt out of all those fun modern prints I love so much.  Wish me luck on all the Y seams.  Stay tuned.  Here are a few snapshots.


Lola Pouch

I completed an adorable Lola Pouch this week with some of my favorite fabric with vintage cameras on it.  This pouch is so easy to make.  There are 2 sizes. The one pictured is the large size.  I also added a vinyl lining so that it will be good for make-up or pens and pencils.  The vinyl is pretty easy to work with and inexpensive.  I just sewed the vinyl to each piece of the lining with 1/8 seam before assembling the lining.


Here is the link to the LOLA Pouch pattern on Etsy.  It is fun and the binding and zipper directions are great.

Lola Pouch Download

I am making some for a few of my friends for their Birthday’s this fall.  I think they will love them.

The quilting that never ends!


This is a half square triangle quilt I am making for my daughter Miranda to take to college.  It is 68 in by 90 in.  I feel like I have been quilting it for ever.  The above is a picture of the pinning process on my front hall floor.


I used mostly modern fabrics with images that are significant to Miranda.  Math, Nutcrackers, pandas, science, Halloween costumes, foxes,etc.  It is heavy – that was her one request.  It was a bit of a copy from a quilt I made a few years ago .  Miranda’s does not have as much contrast so the pattern is less defined but I sacrificed the pattern for the images I wanted to include.


Here is the quilt on my machine.  I have used almost an entire spool of the Aurefil fine thread.  My arms are worn out.  Hopefully it will be completed the next time I post!


One last photo.  My daughter Charlotte painted this darling tomato.  It is only 4in by 4 in.  I love it.  I asked her to paint a strawberry for me next.


Baby Quilt for Sweet Dreams

My Church has a sewing group called Sweet Dreams and we make baby quilts for baptisms as well as quilts to donate to the NICU at Chester County Hospital.  This is my latest quilt.  I put the binding on today.  I love the vintage feel of the fabric.  Those clover red clips are the bomb and if you don’t have them you need them.  The quilt measures 36″ by 36″.

I used the pattern from the Modern Building Blocks by Moda


That first large block makes a sweet baby quilt.  I am working on the Building Blocks quilt but I can not possibly do it in all solids.  I love prints too much.  I think I have the first 7 blocks done with many to go.  Stay tuned.


My Dad Quilts like a Man!

Spent the day with my dad setting up his blog.  Maybe I got this thing down.  Here we are taking pictures of his quilts for his blog.  My Daughters were the photographers.

That quilt is awesome.  He does amazing work.  Here is the link for my Dad’s new Blog.  It is not quite perfect yet but I am working on setting it up.

Bob DeCarli quiltlikeaman blog!

I guess if he is quilting like a man that means my mom is running around behind him helping 😉